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In July of 2023 I got the pleasure of producing this video for my church's yearly VBS. Although it was tough to record and be in charge of one of the teams at the same time, we had a great time recording and producing this movie.

Alright - Judah & the Lion


It was an amazing trip. We got to fly the drone in various places, from downtown Bogotá to the Amazon Forest. This video was completely shot in the country of Colombia.

Immanuel - Beautiful Eulogy


These are a couple drone shots I was able to get on one of my trips to Colombia, We got to travel around a bit and explore some "Magical Towns" as they call them. I had a great time getting to know Colombia a bit more and experiencing different cultures ones again.

Doxology - Beautiful Eulogy

Romans 1 & 2

This is a video I made with my youth group from church. In it, we explain the three types of guilts God has embedded in us since the creation of man.

Quarantine Depression 

In 2020, as we went into quarantine, my brothers and I decided to make a short film to express the solitude and boredom we felt being stuck in the house.

Real Estate

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